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Run Applications

Installing Applications#

Applications can be installed from a local build (which you can do later) or from pre-compiled binaries from the cloud.


Pre-compiled binaries are compatible between boards at the instruction set level.

Hello World#


You can browse available applications in the web app.

# install from the cloudsl cloud.install:id=Kvp7xXzdO94kyCWAAcmW# Confirm the installsl fs.list:path=device@/app/flash# Run hello worldsl,terminal


Blinky requires some command line arguments. You need to specify which pin you want to blink on. You can optionally specify the period in milliseconds.

# install from the cloudsl cloud.install:id=8PtMwYjOghdeUpMxPmyl# Confirm the installsl fs.list:path=device@/app/flash# Run Blinky and show helpsl,terminal,args='--help'# 1.7 is GPIOB pin 7 (LED on Nucleo144 boards)sl,terminal,args='--pin=1.7'# hit ctrl+c to exit slsl os.reset# flash slowersl,terminal,args='--pin=1.7 --period=1000'# hit ctrl+c to exit slsl os.reset# flash fastersl,terminal,args='--pin=1.7 --period=100'

You will need to hit ctrl+c to exit sl. Blinky will keep running until you reset the board.

Run Both#

While Blinky is running, you can install and run HelloWorld. This time HelloWorld will be installed and run in RAM rather than flash.

sl cloud.install:id=Kvp7xXzdO94kyCWAAcmW,ramsl,terminal

The applications will be installed in the MCU internal RAM and ready for execution.

# List the installed applicationssl fs.list:path=device@/app/ram

If you run out of memory, you can delete applications using:

sl os.resetsl app.clean