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Getting Started

The first step to creating IoT devices using Stratify OS is to install the command line tool (called sl). You can do so in just a few seconds by copying and pasting the commands below to a bash terminal.

Install sl on Mac

mkdir -p /Applications/StratifyLabs-SDK/Tools/gcc/bin
curl -L -o /Applications/StratifyLabs-SDK/Tools/gcc/bin/sl ''
chmod 755 /Applications/StratifyLabs-SDK/Tools/gcc/bin/sl
echo 'export PATH=/Applications/StratifyLabs-SDK/Tools/gcc/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.bash_profile
source ~/.bash_profile

Install sl on Windows

First, install GitBash (or another MinGW terminal) with access to curl.

mkdir -p /C/StratifyLabs-SDK/Tools/gcc/bin
curl -L -o /C/StratifyLabs-SDK/Tools/gcc/bin/sl.exe ''
chmod 755 /C/StratifyLabs-SDK/Tools/gcc/bin/sl.exe
echo 'export PATH=/C/StratifyLabs-SDK/Tools/gcc/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.bash_profile
source ~/.bash_profile

Verify Installation

Verify the command line tool installed by typing sl --version. The first time you type the command, the browser will be launched so that you can login. You copy the login command to the terminal and execute it. Then type sl --version again. The output should look something like this.

- about: 
   publisher: Stratify Labs, Inc
   version: 0.33
   gitHash: 02aa4ca
   apiVersion: 3.8.0b
   apiGitHash: 792faa9

From there, you can check out the tutorials within the Stratify Dashboard. Here are a few quick examples:

Install Stratify OS on a supported board

sl cloud.bootstrap:bootloader
sl cloud.bootstrap:os

Install and Run HelloWorld from the Stratify Cloud

sl cloud.install:id=Kvp7xXzdO94kyCWAAcmW,terminal

Install the SDK then Build and Run HelloWorld

sl sdk.install
sl app.create:name=HelloWorld
sl app.install:path=HelloWorld,run,terminal


If you are brand new to Stratify OS, these guides are a good place to start. Stratify OS is not like any other microcontroller operating system in existence.

sl Manual

The sl command line tool is used to manage Stratify OS applications, data, and OS packages. To read about its capabilites, see the manual.

API Reference

Stratify OS applications can be built using the StratifyAPI library which is an embedded friendly C++ library for many POSIX and standard C library functions. Or they can be built using direct calls to POSIX and standard C library functions.


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